Monday, January 3, 2011

Growth in Grace

Every year I come up with a list of New Year's Resolutions.

I admit that part of me just likes to follows the Jones' (gulp!) because a New Year does seem like the perfect time to make resolutions... but I'm also thankful to realize that I do not need to wait for a New Year for a fresh start. Truly, in Christ, any and every moment is an opportunity for forgiveness and a chance to start aright.

While I think I will still compile a personal list of goals to include "exercise" and "no desserts" (well...I'd better just keep the "no desserts" as a potential candidate), I was recently challenged by our Pastor to seek resolutions that God has promised to bless-- like daily devotions and attending worship services.

This past Sunday, during Sunday School, our Pastor gave us a great list and another (humbling, yet encouraging) reminder to seek to grow in grace this next year.

Enjoy this abbreviated list from his lecture. For full content click here.
  1. Read your Bible before you read your email, log in to Face Book, turn on the radio, etc.
  2. Start attending the church events you normally miss
  3. Begin and stick to a pattern of daily Family Worship
  4. Start reading systematically through the Bible
  5. Read at least two Christian biographies this year
  6. Start keeping a prayer log
  7. Start meeting for fellowship and accountability with other Christians
  8. Begin reading about and praying for the persecuted Church
  9. Start praying that the Lord would give you opportunities to share your faith with others
  10. Don't do anything you couldn't ask the Lord to bless in prayer!

Whew!! Isn't that a challenging list staring you in the face?
I didn't know whether to jump for joy at the clear exhortation to fight the good fight... or to cry in sorrow at my perpetual failure to focus on things above rather than things below.
Lord, work in me, I pray!


Tettelestai said...

great post, i was trying to think of how to incorporate that email into my blog too. i need to remind myself that "where my treasure is there my heart will be also."

Grandma said...

Great list, Kathryn. Thanks! If I had to add anything to it I would say: Think of others. Think of how you can bless their day, not just those in your own household, but perhaps someone from your church family or your neighborhood. Also remember that actions often speak louder than words, and simple acts of love and kindness can build up, encourage, and show others the hope that is within you.

Sergeant Zapple said...

Oh, I totally crashed on #1! I use my blackberry as an alarm and out of habit check email before I even get out of bed, sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't get back to sleep.

My new wake up time is 5:30am just so I can get to the rest of the list. Even then I barely make it before someone wakes up.

I figure the hour I spend getting them up, dressed, and moving I will spend exercising when they grow up. Until then picking up toys and chasing them will have to work for burning calories.

Kathryn said...

It is a good list, isn't it? Mom, I like your addition. Kenna, that is why I'll never get a blackberry!! :) Email/internet is such a distraction for me!

maryanne said...

I am COPPYING the list of resolutions! They are wonderful!!!


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