Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet treats

Every year, around December, I make baskets laden with sweet treats for friends, loved ones, and this time, for the leadership in my husband's company. So in my few spare moments, I've been cooking up a storm. And I must say that the fudge turned out amazing, the molasses cookies delicious, the pecan delights superb, the double chocolate mint cookies divine, the caramel corn incredible.

Like everything else in my life, of course.

Except the coffee stain my 2 year old made on my white carpet this morning.

DPP, Day 15

December Photo Project


Tettelestai said...

yipes, white carpet!!!! hopefull tha comes out, ya??

we are baking this saturday, and it is an act of love, i just don't like baking. i am not very good at it. but the family loves it and hubby MUST have his Christmas baking. i wish i could smell your house!!!

Kathryn said...

The stain was a tricky one, for sure. I blotted, and scrubbed, oxycleaned and vinegared, and then pulled out the rug cleaner too...and you can barely tell. Except if I'm looking closely.


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