Friday, December 17, 2010


Hiding from Mom and her camera.

It worked well, as you can see.

And yes, my 2 year old is wearing a sleeveless shirt, in the middle of Dec, with freezing weather outside. But... it's his only Curious George shirt, so you know how that goes.

Day 17

December Photo Project

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Grandma said...

Josh sure has big hands. Maybe he takes after his great grandfather? Boys and favorite shirts, that they insisted upon wearing every day, is nothing new around here. Those were the days when I washed those items every night when they were safely asleep. I am sure they would have had them on both day and night if they could. I do remember discovering late one night when they were sound asleep, that they had changed out of their jammies and back into their favorite shirts and pants. They explained it was because they wanted to be able to go outside to play more quickly in the morning...and dressing took too much time! Needless to say that did not fly! They obviously were oblivious to the smell and dirt they had picked up on their clothing from a heavy day of outdoor fun. Boys will be boys!! although I must say they have grown up a lot since then, and actually like clean clothes.


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