Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Hair Day

While I was talking with my husband on the phone, I looked down at our youngest son, Noah, and started laughing. I couldn't help it.

I said "I think Noah is having a bad hair day"

My husband laughed, but quickly denied it. "Baby's don't have bad hair day's, Dear," he replied.

We laughed together; the thought did seem quite absurd.

But then I took another look at Noah and thought... I beg to differ.

At least a bad hair day never looked so cute.


Grandma said...

He looks absolutely adorable! Those blue, blue eyes checking out what Mom is up to are gorgeous. Who cares about the hair, right Noah?

Rachael said...

So cute! It's so funny how crazy the boys hair can get. Seth's is just getting long enough in the back to sometimes get the disheveled look. Isaac hair is really hard to keep tame so he has a "bad hair day" most days.


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