Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Absence makes the heart

grow fonder.

I think I told myself that precious line every day while Nick and I long-distance-dated. And then again during every deployment, training cycle, and separation we've had since we got married.

It's something I'll always hold onto and believe with all my heart. When you truly love someone...with an undying, unwavering, unconditional, Christ-like love...absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not only do you learn to treasure every moment together, because of how many you spend apart, but I think you also develop a deepened level of thankfulness, appreciation, and yearning for each other after undergoing separation.

Isn't it true that when your spouse is away, you realize how much they do and did while they were home? Things that you may ordinarily take for granted? Like filling up the gas tank, or changing a hard to reach light bulb?

And even more so, doesn't it make you realize how precious it is to snuggle up to someone as you talk about your day? Or to be able to lock eyes with one another in pride as you hear your child recite his Bible verse without prompting? Or to have the joy of cooking a gourmet meal and seeing him gobble it up without complaint? Or having someone strong and brave in a house that creaks and groans in the night? Or even just the sound of a calm and steady voice as he reads the boys a goodnight story? No one reads a bedtime book quite like my Nick.

I love him more each day.

To top it off, last week, my dear husband gave me yet another reason to grow fond of him while we are apart. And they came in pink, red, and yellow:

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