Monday, October 19, 2009

Fire trucks

For Fire Safety Week, the local fire department on post had an open house. They welcomed kids of all ages to come look in, climb on, and check out the fire house and fire trucks. Knowing how much our boys love TRUCKS, we put it on the calendar.

Just touching a fire truck gave the boys thrills

The boys had a marvelous time. I think they would have stayed all day if we'd let them. They started by exploring all the fire trucks. Then they spent some time meeting fire men and asking important questions like "Can you turn on the lights?" "Are you going to go to an 'mergency'?" and making statements like "Fire is hot" and "I'm not going to drive it"

Our little fire fighter

Not so sure about driving with this hat on

After seeing the fire trucks outside, we headed into the fire house and saw things like a fire man racing to put on his gear before leaving for an emergency, a "smoke house" that taught kids how to get out of their house if there was a fire (Isaiah loved this part because he got to climb down a ladder at the end). They also had arts and crafts set up, a robot fire hydrant, and Spotty the Fire Dog shaking people's hands. What a fun day!

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