Thursday, October 22, 2009

All terrain vehicles

My boys love TRUCKS.
They love playing trucks.
They love making truck sounds.
They love reading truck books.

This morning the boys and I read one of our truck books. The book has a plethora of pictures and information about almost every kind of 4 wheeled vehicle imaginable. The book was progressing along nicely until we got to the Farm Vehicle page. On it there was a picture of an all terrain vehicle. For fear of overwhelming the boys with the long name (and in truth to make reading this book a bit easier on myself), I abbreviated all-terrain-vehicle to ATV.

However, as is frequently the case when I try to outsmart the boys, I was quickly corrected by my 3 year old. "Mom, I think thats really an all terrain vehicle."

No more short cuts here. At least when it comes to something with 4 wheels.


Andy and Amy said...

I have learned many things since having boys: trucks, airplanes, Star Wars'd be fun if your third is a girl so you can read about princesses and flowers along with the trucks.

Anonymous said...

Lol!!!!! You should be so proud to have such an intellegent boy, no matter how much harder it is!!



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