Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend trip to the county fair

One of Nick's favorite things is the roasted corn, yummy!!

Joshua petting the pigs

Isaiah petting the pigs

Isaiah riding a pony. Yes, we spoiled him rotten!!

Kathryn snacking on some of that buttery delicious roasted corn too

Joshua enjoying a orange sherbet push-up (and making a real mess!!)

Isaiah driving a cool red sports car

Those childhood days at the fair... priceless!! The sights, sounds, and smells of the county fair are unforgettable and the stuff memories are made of. I love it!! Nick and I have been to the fair many times together, but this year was the first time we took the boys. They were really delighted with all they could see and do-- not to mention all that delicious fair food. :)
We started by taking the boys through all the "boring" exhibits (you know, the kind that adults like and kids don't) such as the award winning flowers, quilts, baked goods, and photography. This was a brilliant plan of both Nick and I and I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids. We knew if we didn't see the boring" exhibits at the very beginning, by the time we made our way back to them, the boys would be tired and cranky and there would be NO WAY they'd sit quietly while we browsed the displays. Instead the boys, being not sure what to expect from this whole fair adventure, thought it was really exciting to look at lots of bright flowers and display cases (having no idea there were hundreds of animals, rides, and mouthwatering treats waiting to be had). Brilliant. Just brilliant plan. :)
Then we headed off to the animals and the boys reviewed their knowledge of animal sounds. I think Isaiah was quite shocked to actually hear a cow say "Moo" :) It was cute. They were very happy to get out of the stroller and go around to all the cages and pet the animals. Some of the signs in the children's animal area made me paranoid "Stand back, this animal may bite" but all went well, and we departed with all our digits intact. :)
We really enjoyed ourselves. It was a very hot day, reaching 100 degrees (with 70% humidity!!!), so we were very thankful for a number of air conditioned buildings where different groups and clubs were presenting. I felt a little bit bad about taking up seating and feigning interest in their presentations, just so that we could cool down. But I'll tell you, the heat was just wilting, and it was amazing to see the boys perk up as their internal thermostats cooled down. All in all, what a fun day. We will definitely do it again.

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Dolly said...

I could smell the fair just by looking at the pictures!


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