Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations, Mom and Dad!! This year my siblings and I are sending our parents on a luxurious 4 night get-a-way to celebrate their wedded bliss. Us kids have been putting money away for such an occasion and are now very pleased with ourselves to be able to treat our parents. :) What great parents I have!! I am so thankful for them. For the years of training and discipline... for the years of paying car insurance and college tuition...for the years of grilling my boyfriend and now supporting me in my own marriage... the list could go on and on. Thanks Mom and Dad for your years of hard work! Thank you for maintaining a steadfast marriage and raising me in a Christian home. It's such a blessing to have grown up in a place where my parents lived and loved each other. I have learned a lot from them over the years. Here's a few tidbits:
1) Having 6 kids doesn't make you crazy
2) Shop at thrift stores
3) Rejoice in the Lord always
4) Stand by your spouse through thick and thin
5) Be honest
6) Weed eaters make great Mother's Day gifts
7) Always serve dinner on hot plates
8) Trust in the Lord always
9) There is nothing worse than Socialism
10) Children are a blessing


Rachael said...

Where are you guys sending them off to? That is so awesome that they can go on a 4 day trip. They have great kids :)

Grandma said...

Rachel is right. We do have great children! How blessed we are! Praise be to the Lord our God who showers our lives with every good thing. Rejoice and give thanks for His mercies are everlasting.

Jack said...

I laughed. Especially about the weedeaters, Socialism, and hot plates. Thanks sister.

Dolly said...

They look just the same as I remember them!!


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