Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our backyard... sort of

Our townhome is in a brand new development. This is particularly nice when you're renting-- everything is new, clean, and functioning (hmm... well, mostly functioning, the list of repairs we've already needed to have done is a story for another time...). The other nice thing about the new development is that down the road from our home is a construction site--- this is particularly fascinating to little boys!! Right now they have the project on hold (waiting for financing) so there are many large bull dozers, back hoes, front end loaders etc. parked in the dirt waiting to start work again. So, as you can imagine our evening family walks have turned into "evening family climbing-on-tractor sessions." Oh well. :) The tractors were just too much for the boys (including Nick!!) to resist. There is something about big powerful machinery that is just so attractive to the boys!

After Isaiah worked up the courage to climb onto the back hoe, his first remark was "Oh!!! It has no keys!!" This was both an exclamation of relief ("phew!! This thing won't move and make noise!") and disappointment (because, of course, what little boy doesn't dream of driving a tractor?). Joshua was fearless, probably a little too fearless, and climbed up like a little monkey. He was glad to look over the edge and touch the big tires.

As a side note, I'm not sure why the boys both ended up wearing orange shirts... but fitting for my little construction workers, wouldn't you say?

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Grandma said...

What a wonderful backyard you have, filled with intrigue and monsters and noise! A little boy's dream. Your brother's always loved big noisy machinery too :)


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