Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading books

Before Isaiah could even walk, he loved to read books. Convinced that he would be a child prodigy, I read books to him from his infancy on and something clearly caught on. While my first few attempts at reading to him entailed chewing on book corners and drooling on the pages (like Joshua does now) he still seemed to enjoy it. Then came the phase where he'd read books to himself, in his own language no less. Now Isaiah chooses his own books from the library and proudly carries them to the front desk to get checked out. At home, Isaiah grabs his favorite book from the coffee table, climbs into your lap dragging his blanket behind, and announces, "books" "read books." His favorite book seems to be Richard Scarry (as shown in the picture), especially when his dear cousin Marcie reads it to him. He loves to point at the pictures and tell you what the different objects are. I'm so thankful for Isaiah's love of books, and can just imagine him directing his younger sibling to sit on his lap while he reads the book himself.


Rachael said...

Isaac loves to read books too! If he ever is being fussy all we have to do is sit down with him and a book and he just leans back and looks at the pages. He has started to flip through books himself. I'll be glad when he stops chewing on them.

Grandma said...

What wonderful things we can learn about thru books. I am so glad Isaiah is following in his Mommy's footsteps. How well I remember those eager requests of years past to "Wead me a tory!" Always keep turning those pages and enjoying reading. It opens new horizons, for young and old alike.


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