Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two peas in a pod

My sweet little boys seem to enjoy each other more every day. Isaiah has grown up drastically when it comes to relating to his younger brother. For the first several months of Joshua's life, it seemed that Isaiah didn't even recogize Josh as a real person-- he would step on Joshua if he was playing on the floor (ouch!!) or in his way, and would often just yell "Noooo!!" Excitingly, in the last few weeks Isaiah has finally started to see Joshua as a human being. Now Isaiah does things like purposefully walking around Joshua, patting him on the head, saying "Hi bab-ee" and even sitting down to play toys with Joshua. It warms my heart to see them having fun together! My prayer is that they will continue to build their relationship and be two peas in a pod. :)

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