Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love. This. Kid


I love each one of my three sons with my whole heart… in a way that only a mother can. They are each precious to me in different ways and bring joy inexpressible joy to my heart and life. 

This is my dear Joshua. My middle son. My 3 “but I’m almost 4!!” year old beauty.

Oh boy, do I Love.This.Kid

I love him for his shining smile and his wide spaced teeth.

I love him for his tender heart and his sensitivity that far exceeds any 3 year old I've ever met.

I love him for his attention to detail and his love for fine art. I love that he always notices when I paint my toenails, or am wearing a new pair of shoes.

I love that he loves to cook, mix, roll, and knead. I love that he’s comfortable in the kitchen.

I love that he looks like me.

I love him for his creativity, for his joy and vitality, and for the Light that shines in and through him. I love that he loves his God. Our God.

Lord, thank you for my sons. Each one.


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