Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Little Things

It was a Black Friday Special.

Lego’s and lots of them. Sixteen hundred pieces for a mere $30. I couldn’t resist. Actually, I didn’t even try to resist. I knew it was a good deal so I jumped on it.


The other Christmas toys had taken the front and center, and the box had remained nearly untouched till a rainy day in January.

The box of bright colors rescued us from short tempers and dreary wearys. It was perfect timing. How did God know that we would need this present to be an initial leftover, only to shine through just when we needed it most?   I don’t know, but He did. Praise God for the little things.

“I KNOW!!” Isaiah had shouted, “we can play with the new box of LEGO’s!!”

And play we did. We had barely cleaned up the school books and supplies before little hands were ready with little scissor to cut open the bright and shiny bags filled with bright and shiny new pieces.


We loved the new hues of orange and green. The blocks scattered across the table (and across the floor too) and the colors seemed to dance with brilliancy--- beautiful and bright and fresh.

Like a new beginning.

And it was the case on so many levels. The atmosphere in the room seemed to brighten. The bickering stopped. The whining silenced. And the room was filled with sounds of sorting. And shuffling. And hunting for that perfect piece to put in that perfect place.

Different thoughts and ideas fluttered through, showing the determination and inspiration the boys were feeling.


“Mom?” Joshua asked, “do you think I should build my LEGO house with two chimneys? If it has two chimneys then it can have two fireplaces and that means the family that lives there will be twice as warm!” (can you tell we just learned about doubles?)


Isaiah’s thoughts were deep as well: “Mom, I’m building my house with it’s own anchor. That way if a hurricane or a tsunami comes, it won’t get washed away.” (can you tell we’ve also just learned about weather and natural disasters? Oh I love how homeschooling plays out in the thoughts of my kids!)


Noah was a bit more superficial. He just shouted, “Blocks!” “Red blocks!” “Ooooooooooh!!!” and other such one year old talk. Haha. After some teaching, he did figure out how to make a stack of LEGOs and was able to sort them into color groups. Maybe not so superficial after all, considering he’s only one? I better give that boy some credit! He’s a smart kid too.

As you can see, the LEGO’s saved the day.

Or rather, God did.

As He does so well. Giving us a bit of encouragement, a bit of a respite, a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Praise God for the little things, right?




*Now if I can just remember to be thankful when I happen to step on those little things! Haha


Lori Ferguson said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Ah, the memories.

My son loved legos, and played with them for years and years. The box is still in our attic, now that he's married and gone. I guess it'll come out one day when we have grandchildren...

However, at his last birthday, I ordered some legos from a website in all the different green hues. Alex has a video studio and his signature color is green - so he's made his green legos into a pencil/business card holder. It's always the first thing a new client comments on when they come into the studio! (everybody loves legos - even adults!)

Thanks for taking me along on your day - and bringing back memories.

thebrennanbuzz said...

So precious!

Drea said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait until Lydia is old enough to play with toys. :)Then again I don't want her to grow up to fast. The boys are getting so big!

Grace said...

Looks like fun for them and a nice break for you...other than the major clean up job it must have been:)


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