Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shades of Green

I love my garden.

Sure it’s not very big, and there are a few stray weeds climbing through the dirt…

And the peas are falling over in the back because the trellis I bought was really not tall enough. My oregano is all in one clump because the rain washed the seeds into a pile and my chives are still not thriving.

But to me, it’s the best garden ever.


My hubby kindly donated the start-up fees (wood, compost, manure, seeds), and my boys helped me dig it one sunny spring day, but really, I’m the sole gardener. I’ve tended. I’ve cared. I’ve planted.

And I’ve loved.


I don’t know how it happened, but it happened still. These plants, each one, I love them. I love to smell the mint and basil, to find green beans and peas hiding among the leaves. I love my strawberries even though I haven’t tasted a single one. (Darn old squirrels!!)


Whenever I work in the garden, I feel peaceful too. And my mind almost always wanders to thoughts of our great God, who I’m sure loves gardens as much as I.

After all, didn’t He make all the lovely herbs and vegetables at the beginning of time? By the word of His power? And didn’t he make each plant ready to yield fruit in its season? Create humidity and rain, fertile soil and sun? Yes, I’m certain that God loves gardens too.


I’m also pretty sure God hates weeds, but loves weeding… just like I do.


I always think about uprooting sin in my life when I’m weeding. The analogy is just to strong for me to ignore.

I love getting down on my hands and knees, sorting between plants, and carefully working my hands through the soil to pull up the bad guys while protecting the life of the good guys.

Man. One could go crazy with the life analogy’s (both Biblical and not) hidden in gardening.


I think it’s another reason why I love my garden and gardening.  I pull weeds and feel like I am vanquishing the enemy. I water the herbs and imagine the Holy Spirit reviving me with refreshing rain.


I watch my plants grow… and think of how God nurtures and cares for His people; providing for our every need, saving us, and teaching us to bear good fruit.


Thank you, Lord, for tending me… and my garden too


Rachael said...

You are really making me miss my garden (which I had back at our old home). Our new backyard is not made for gardening...it is a large, steep slope of hard rocky clay. So I hope to one day build raised beds into the side of the hill so I can plant things but it's going to be quite the task hulling in all that dirt. So someday I hope...

Dolly said...

I'm right there on the same page with you. Its really making me sad to not have a garden this year, being in a rental house and all....Ethan and I were having a discussion this morning about weeds, dandelions specifically. Did the exists before the fall? Will they be in heaven? I hope that God will redeem the dandelions. After all, aren't weeds only weeds because they grow where you don't want them to?

RT said...

Yes! I love your thoughts on gardening and I feel the same way you do. Getting your hands in dirt, protecting your plants from weeds, the sun, the green, the fresh air--it's so life-giving. God is the Gardener. Agreed.


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