Saturday, May 21, 2011



We went to the park multiple times this week. The weather is perhaps as perfect as it gets here in the South so we’re taking advantage before the blistering summer heat kicks in.

Though humid, it hasn’t been more than 85 degrees and during each park trip there has been a pleasant cooling breeze ruffling through a hair.

As I said, it’s been just about perfect.

On one particular trip to the park, I took my 3 year old Joshua up to the bathroom. He’d been doing his little potty dance on the playground equipment and I was afraid he was going to do the unmentionable next to a nearby tree… so I called him and he cheerfully obeyed

We walked together, down the path, to the park restrooms. Josh prancing along beside me, sliding his feet in the dust.


Then he reached up and slid his hand into mine. I gave it a squeeze and thought how much I love this little boy. And then Joshua looked up at me and said,

“Mom, you’re my best friend.”

Squeezing back a tear, I knelt down and circled my arms around him and said, “I love you, my Joshua”

As he hugged me back, he said

“And I love you, my Mommy”


It just made my heart melt.


Tettelestai said...

what a doll baby!!! it made me choke up too!!

Rachael said...

That is the sweetest ever! Love it when our boys are sweet. My husband always tells me to enjoy the hugs and kisses now bc when they are teenagers they won't want to do that so much.

Grace said...

How sweet!


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