Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This past weekend, we were able to watch Nick perform his paratrooping skills again. Many of his jumps are at night, and many of them have follow-on missions, so we are not able to see him jump very often.



But when we are able to go… boy do we love it!. And I’m pretty sure Nick loves to jump for us. I don’t think I saw a frowning face from anyone that whole morning. Or if I did, I just chose to ignore them. Wink wink.


It’s hard to describe the feelings I have inside as I watch Nick jump. Fear. Anxiety. Joy. Patriotism. Amazement.

My breath always catches when I see the first paratrooper exit the plane… and I pray until I see the last one jump and all the parachutes open.

And just like the crew on chute detail, I’m thankful to count out the reserve parachutes… and to note that not a single one was needed.


But I think the biggest emotion that fills my heart is pride.

Huge, overwhelming, all-encompassing, pride.

My husband is a paratrooper and fearlessly jumps out of planes; ready and willing to serve our country at a moments notice.



Guess I’m not the only one who thinks Daddy is amazing.


Alicia said...

That's awesome :). I would be equally as proud, and I am thankful for Nick's service! It's wonderful to have godly men serving our country in this way.

Sgt Zapple said...

We have not yet been able to find a good time in 3 years to see Andy jump! So glad you got to and the boys. I wonder how they will remember it? I wish I could read their minds sometimes.

Grace said...

Thankful he is so willing to serve this country! Your boys must love watching him jump!

Olivia said...

I remember going to our dad's jumps we all loved them! The boys look like they had a great time!

Rach said...

That last picture and your caption underneath made me tear up. Thank you for supporting your husband as he protects our country.


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