Monday, February 28, 2011


As of late, I have frequently found myself torn.

Torn between wishing my children could just stay little

And wishing they could JUST GROW UP!

Is it any wonder that I feel these sentiments? That I love the precious snuggles, lisping speech, "mom is everything" phase? While also struggling to love the enormous amount of work, utter dependence, and lack of sleep?

At times, oh so badly, I wish they were not so dependent. I wish they could just do something, ANYTHING for themselves. And to hear something else come from their mouths that's not, "MOOOOM, can you
dress, feed, fix, buckle, snap, read, clean, wipe ME?"

But nope. Right now it's all about momdependence. And maybe it's not so crazy to wish for a little less of it.

Or is it?

Cause when I think of their sweet little voices saying, "Moooooooom, can you snuggle, read, hold, love, craft, tickle, nurse, make, feed, hug me??"  something in my heart just melts and bursts with joy over how much I LOVE this phase.

The next stage of life is both longed for and cried over.

I never knew being a mom would make me crazy like that.
Lord, give me the strength and wisdom to love every minute, and to live each one for your glory.


Grandma said...

Each stage of your child's life has its own special perfectness. When it is gone, you can celebrate new achievements, but you will always remember and even long for what once was. So love and cherish every moment, as a blessing from the Lord. Before you know it your babies are all grown up, driving cars, getting married.... Life just flies by. Treasure the simple things....the little pleasures, those small sweet voices, that lack of independence. Hold them close to your heart!

Redeemed1 said...

I know the feeling! And its wonderful - and yet I sure would like to take an uninterrupted bath someday; where I can sit and soak and someday miss the interruptions. Motherhood is weird that way.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

I am so right there with you. I rejoice when each stage is over and weep at the same time.

Sergeant Zapple said...

I realized Ian would be a teenager soon (ok 5 years) and it feels like tomorrow. I feel so behind and unprepared and 5 years isn't enough time to get everything into him that I had hoped. But then again I am tired. It is truly the hardest, most demanding, most rewarding, most devastating role I will ever have in my life. I praise God for every second or at least I try to. I so know how you feel.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I hear you! I feel exactly the same way ;)

I just pray that I can represent Jesus to my Princess in all stages. It is so hard some times! Hardest job in the world.


Tettelestai said...

i long for their independence.... but i truly do try to cherich each part of the growing process and i refuse to allow teachable moments to pass me by. i only get them for 18 years and then they go into the great big world alone...

those super dependent years are so draining, though, right?? ;-)

Dawn said...

Yes, being a mom is fraught we so many conflicting emotions. My kids are pretty much past super needy years now, and I do miss it, but there are also some truly wonderful things about where they are now. They change so quickly!

Karen said...

Your prayer is Godly wisdom, for sure. Each day is a gift, isn't it?


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