Thursday, April 1, 2010


Nick is on Spring Break this week, so we've been enjoying all kinds of fun family activities. Today, we went bowling as a family. And yes, even though I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and am carrying around a bowling ball of my own in my mid-section, I bowled too.

Its neat to see the Lord's providence in little things like this. We thought we should go bowling during the week while the bowling alley was less busy. We checked what time the alley opened and arrived shortly there after. Not only were their plenty of lanes free, but as a April Fools Day special they were offering 2 games for the price of one. On top of this bonus, April is also "Month of the Military Child" (and we were bowling on post) making kids games half price. So... we bowled 6 games plus shoe rental for pennies. The little outing would have been even less expensive if Mommy hadn't spotted someone eating hot wings and decided that she needed some too. But oh well... :)

We had a great time and made some wonderful family memories. We put up the bumpers for the boys and managed to find them orange balls (their favorite color) of the light weight variety

Nick, being the expert bowler that he is, gave Isaiah a few pointers

Looks like a STRIKE, Isaiah!!

High fives all around!

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