Monday, February 15, 2010

Singing praises

Today could have been one of "those days"... but it wasn't. The Lord, in his mercy and love, provided for our needs on what would-of, could-of, should-of been a very challenging morning.

Isaiah, who had been battling a cold last week, came down with a fever and a nasty sounding cough on Saturday. His fever remained rather high, but because it was a weekend and the Dr's office was closed, I opted not to make my first ever run to the E.R. (even though Isaiah was very cranky and sick) and just wait it out. I checked his temp, listened to his lungs (hey! I'm a nurse!!), kept up with the Ibuprofen and planned on bringing him into the Dr's on Monday morning (today).

So first thing this morning, I waited for the clock to say 7am, and put in a call to the Dr's office. No answer. NO ANSWER!!!! Arg!! Well, it is Presidents Day, and maybe they are closed like everything else. But I decided to try calling again, and not only did someone answer the phone, but the office was OPEN and had a appointment available at 8am. Thank you, Lord!! And really, I cannot say thank-you enough. What a relief!!

As we bustle around and get ready to go, I look outside to see that its been snowing all night, several inches of new powder on the ground. So now we're looking at a drive in the snow. And just as I'm remembering that the "EMPTY" light is on in the minivan (it went on on the way home from church yesterday), the phone rings and my husband (who already left for classes) lets me know that the roads are pretty icy. The makings for a treacherous morning indeed. But then...

my dear husband adds, "Oh, and I went out early this morning and filled up the gas tank for you, so you should be good to go." Oh, Praise the Lord for my fantastic husband, and another mercy this morning. One less thing for me to worry about. Hurray!!

Before we jump in the car, I look online to see if any of the military Pharmacy's are open on the holiday so that I can tell the Doc where to call the prescription in to. But alas, all THREE of the pharmacy's on base are closed. Nuts. While I wasn't so concerned about paying for prescriptions out of pocket, I couldn't help but wonder will any pharmacy be open in this small town on a holiday? But...Praise the Lord again, because we may not have much in this town, but we do have Wal-mart. And our Wal-mart has a pharmacy, and they are open!! Yes, praise the Lord again!!

So, we head out on the slippery roads, with our full tank of gas and runny noses, and arrive safely at the clinic with time to spare. God is good.

The Nurse Practitioner we saw was wonderful! I was not only impressed with her knowledge, but in the kind way in which she dealt with my boys. Score!!

As it turns out, ear infections for BOTH boys (their FIRST ear infections EVER) and a sinus infection on top for Isaiah. No flu. No pneumonia. Again, blessings amidst the trials.

The NP sent our prescription over to the pharmacy at Wal-mart, and we were able to hit up the Valentines Day candy 50% off while we waited for the prescriptions! :) Another unexpected blessing. (hee hee). :)

We slid in the ice in the parking lot, and I had the "exciting" experience for the first time in the minivan with kids of losing control of the vehicle. Thankfully, the parking lot was near empty (NO ONE ELSE WAS OUT!!) so we neither hit a car, nor came close to the hitting another car. Thank you, Lord!!

There are many other things I could note, but lastly, the boys were remarkably content and quiet during all the running around this morning too. The Lord is just so merciful. On a day that could have been simply awful and stressful, things worked out, God provided, we were kept safe, and my boys and I are safe and sound at home now.

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Grandma said...

Praise the Lord for His abundant mercies. Indeed, they are new every morning, and He knows exactly what we need before we do. What an amazing God we have! We are praying the boys will soon recover from their infections. Love you!


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