Monday, February 9, 2009

Playing dress up

Isaiah (2 years) will be the ring bearer at my brothers wedding this summer. After discovering how expensive tuxedo's are to rent, even for just a little guy ($100 plus), I started hunting around for a suit for him. Finally, at the wonderful Army Thrift Store, I spotted this handsome black suit, in the perfect size for the summer and at an amazing price, $1.80. Yes, you read that correctly, one dollar and eighty cents!!! What a find! I'll tell you, if there's a bargain out there, I can find it. Or at least I'll die trying. :)
I had Isaiah dress up in his new suit so I could email pictures to my mom and my brothers' fiance'. I wanted to make sure that this suit was what they were looking for (and it did). Okay, so maybe I just wanted to see how cute he looked in it. :) Isaiah really did not enjoy the dressing up, but after a few bribes he was quite happy for me to snap pictures. I'm not sure where he got the folded hands from, but he did that on his own. I think he knew that it was something special to wear this little black suit.


Grandma said...

Dear Isaiah! How handsome you look in your little suit! I love your great smile, and watching you grow up. What a blessing you are!
Grandpa and I wish you lived just across the street so we could see you all the time. We are thankful that your Mommy posts pictures of you on her blog for us to enjoy.

Kathryn said...

Glad you like the pictures, Grandma!


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