Saturday, February 14, 2009

Doing the dishes

As most little boys do, Isaiah loves playing with water. The other night, Isaiah wanted to help in the kitchen. After we finished devotions, he pushed his chair right up to the sink and began to "work" on the dishes. I can barely describe the delight on his face as he watched the water come out of the tap, carefully caught the water in a cup, and then poured it over the rest of the dishes. It was so amusing to me to see him do what he thinks mommy does in the kitchen each day. He hasn't necessarily figured out the point of doing dishes (i.e. to clean them) but has definitely figured out that getting things wet is super fun. He cried when the last dish was washed and mommy turned off the water. "What?!?! We can't be done already? It always takes forever when I'm waiting to play with you, Mom!"


Rachael said...

What fun! I'm surprised you didn't get soaked in the process :)

Melissa said...

AWWW! Kayla likes to pull a chair up to the sink to play also. One day I let her play while I cooked and cleaned and she was quiet and content for an hour & completely soaked by the time I said play time was done. :)


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