Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet sweet sweetness

I know you’ve been waiting for these sweet sweet pictures of this sweet sweet guy. Especially you, Mom.


While I can’t say that life’s been terribly busy, it has been busy. Perhaps more of a getting-into-a-routine type busy, than a my-schedule-is-so-packed type busy.

Which is nice.


I’m such a planner, organizer, all my ducks in a row kind of gal, that its been really really nice to have had these first months in a new place to settle in and figure out the new normal before the schedule started packing up.

So…instead of running too and fro with things outside the home, we’ve been able to adjust to our new home and to have an inward focus.


Which, again, is really nice. God is good to allow this time to sort out the kinks and get rid of the dust bunnies.

And I think we’re just about there (if you ever really get there with four little kids! whew!). We’ve figured out what a clean house looks like. Finally. When unpacking, and repacking, and sorting and sifting, often the piles of stuff (okay, the piles of junk that I just insisted we needed to bring with us, only we don’t really use, and don’t really need, but I just couldn’t part with because sometime, someday, we might need to use them) hang out in corners and surfaces and become “normal,” but even those piles of stuff are finally organized or better yet… carried to Nick’s Jeep which was then driven to the Salvation Army and donated for some other person to enjoy (or pile into junk piles and carry with them over the hundreds of miles they move just like we did, haha).


We’re also getting settled in how we order our days. Its great to get into a home routine, to know what we do each day, and what to expect for the regular type stuff.

The homeschooling routine was the hardest, since we were off school the week of Thanksgiving (yes, I’m actually going to go back that far in my discussion!), and then we moved the following week, then took a week to drive out to our new home, and 2 weeks before all our stuff had been delivered, then Christmas and New Years and… it really took a while before we were ready to hit the books full force and even able to get into a school routine.

But with that too, we are just about there. The kids now expect to do school every morning, instead of me trying to convince them over and over again, that yes, regular people do school every day, and that’s what we’d been doing all year until we moved, and yes, I know its hard, and I know you’d rather… etc etc etc. Ya know how it goes.


Perhaps the best part of our school week is that we joined a local Classical Conversations homeschool group. This group has been an amazing encouragement and support for staying with a regular routine. I love it. And the boys do too. CC is a little more expensive (okay, so really it’s the first homeschool group we ever had to pay more than just a supplies fee—there is a tuition), but it is clearly the best group we’ve been a part of. More for its academics and teaching style than anything, but so worth it and we so love it. We’ve only been going for 2 weeks, so I can’t say we love it because of the friendships and the fellowship yet, but Lord willing, that will come too.


Nick is getting into a routine at work (well, mostly) and we’re getting used to, (!!!!! and absolutely loving !!!) having him home more. He is through the door at a regular time each day, and is not only enjoying his work, but he is invigorated and rejuvenated and is happier and more laid back than I’ve seen him in years. Not that Nick was ever “unhappy” or ever really “stressed out,” but just not really enjoying his job and all the extreme demands and the high stress work environment that the Army brought… it had really burnt him out. More than I realized too. But anyway, it is wonderful to have my man around so much more, and we are literally soaking in God’s goodness in bringing us here.

And now that I’ve got a husband who is regularly home for dinner again, I decided it was high time to whip up masterpieces in the kitchen again. Haha.


You all know I love to cook, but having a 4th baby and moving and settling and all that jazz had put my culinary genius on hold. Haha. (I always laugh a little when I call myself an extraordinaire in the kitchen. I mean, I do love to cook, and I can cook fairly well, but I’m practical too, and really have only the Food Network and my own intuition to thank for my expertise, haha, so laugh with me). On hold, until two weeks ago, when we were in enough of a predictable schedule, that after I got all the kids down for quiet time, I started getting dinner ready in my downtime, and what? Wow? Can you believe it? This gal can cook again. And truth be told, I’ve cooked up some dream of a meal EVERY day for the last two weeks (well, except for one fast food run when Nick was out of town). Oh man, did I miss that part of the regular routine. I haven't really cooked anything amazing and new and delicious since before Sam was born. Four. months. ago.


Which leads me to the last point of this post. Sam. He’s four months old tomorrow and his mama has just finally settled into a routine enough that she took out her big amazing DSLR and snapped a few beauts to share with the masses. Can you believe it? I know its not much, but my camera is not something I’ve even wanted to deal with the last few months. No energy or creativity to figure out the right lighting or the right ideas or even just to pick up the camera and ask the kids to smile. Isn’t that sad? Sigh. Oh man, I’m so glad to be back into a regular groove again. God is good.


And his goodness is poured out on me in so many ways, not the least of which is this angel of a baby we call Sameram. Boy, do I love him. He is content and cheerful. He smiles and coos and smacks on his thumb (yes, we’ve got another thumb sucker here!). He melts my heart with a single glance, and I love that I’m loving on him again too. Glad to be past the stress and focus on leaving and moving and meeting and greeting and to instead focus on getting my home in order.

At least for a month or two.

Because basketball practice and games, bible studies and homeschool groups, and church, and house-hunting and… well…we’re back to running around like crazy. Haha! Such is life during this stage.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear your husband is able to be home more. What a blessing.

Rachael said...

Glad you are back in the swing of things and into a routine again. Feels good doesn't it. I know that feeling after moving. It takes awhile to get your mojo back. Especially with kids. We've been here 2 yrs and I still have a few boxes in the garage that need to be dealt with (probably need to be donated since they've sat there unopened that long). I also know the feeling of having your hubby home for supper at a decent time. I can't wait til basketball season is over and I have my hubby back. I also love summer where he is home a LOT and we just relish being able to spend time as a family and enjoy being together. So welcome back friend! Praying for you and your adorable baby boy is so cute...I just want to squeeze his cheeks!

emily said...

oh, it's so good to hear you, to know your settling in and happy in it. :) so glad for this new season - and miss you all!


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