Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Eyed Boy

I don’t know how it keeps happening, but we keep producing blue eyed boys. (and it appears Samuel’s eyes are going to be blue as well).


I admit that I’ve always kind of wanted one of our sons to be the spitting image of his father. Brown eyed. Brown haired. And drop dead gorgeous.


Okay, so my boys don’t need to be quite that good looking (I’m so not looking forward to fending off the females in the years to come!!) But still, I love the dark hair and dark eyes, and would love for my boys to follow after their daddy.


And they do.

In so many ways they are their fathers sons. The smiles. The expressions. The way they walk. Talk. Gesture.


There are no brown eyes like their daddy’s here.


Oh goodness, aren’t his eyes just so blue?


*sure wish we’d wiped lunch off his face before snapping these beauties. Nuts.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

What beautiful eyes! He is such a cutie.


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