Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Do and Week 22


The news of the next boy on the way, and the reminder that it is going to be another hot Southern summer, prompted me to get my long hair chopped off and restyled to make me feel super feminine and super cool (as in, not hot).

I like it a lot. I was finding that with my long hair, I was always tying it back in a pony tail or messy bun, and only on rare occasions was I taking the time to blow dry and straighten or to mousse, scrunch and bobby pin.

This shorter style will be so much easier to manage and gives me a fresh new look too, don’t you think?.

As I said, I like it a lot.

And I like 22 weeks a lot too. Feeling great and energetic. Feeling slim, even though I’ve put on 10lbs. Feeling happy and delighted over the frequent kicks and somersaults of my little guy. Feeling overjoyed at God’s blessings and the gift of pregnancy. Feeling content and thankful with my brood of boys.

Oh boy, a new do and week 22… it’s a great place to be.


Grace said...

Your hair looks amazing!!!! 10 lbs...that's nothing:)

thechattymommy said...

New Follower!
You look great!
Love your hair- keep contemplating cutting my hair.
22 weeks looks great on you.


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