Monday, July 11, 2011

The Thrill of the Chase

In my old age, I’d forgotten.

Forgotten that eating an ice cream cone was a skill.

A very very precise skill, requiring full attention on every side.

Having learned this skill so many years ago, it was easy to forget. But eating ice cream cones with my boys while we were on vacation… brought back memories.

Suddenly, I remembered the sweet satisfaction of licking that first taste of ice cream off the cone; it’s cold sweet goodness spreading across my tongue, and melting away into nothingness.

The pure pleasure of tasting and feeling it at the same time. Oh the wonderful deliciousness of ice cream!


And, oh man, do I remember the drip that got away and the side of the cone that was just impossible to keep up with. Licking and licking, but not being able to catch it all.

And the icy feeling of the sticky wetness sliding down your hand…and the napkin becoming soggy with melted cream.IMG_6150

Oh yes, the memories of eating an ice cream cone as a kid.

When I saw the looks on my boys faces, the determination, the delight… I wished I could go back and enjoy an ice cream cone the way they did that day.





Grace said...

Looks like mint chocolate chip? The very best flavor:)

Tettelestai said...

that is great!! i STILL love eating it on a cone with the kids in the back yard... racing the oozing sweetness, trying to get it before it gets me... sometimes winning!!! hahahahaha


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