Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week, our Bible Study leader challenged the ladies' in our group to outwardly voice our love for our husbands. She urged us to guard our speech and to use our words to build up. Here's what she challenged us to:

1. For the next 30 days, purpose not to say anthing negative about your husband -- not to him, and not to anyone else about him.

2. Everyday for the next 30 days, express at least one thing you admire or appreciate about your husband. Say it to him and to someone else about him.

It has been a great challenge (especially now that my husband is away for an extended period without any way of contacting him--oh Army life, how I love you!!) but also a great encouragement to carry on.

I have a wonderful marriage. I have a husband who loves and supports me; who listens, counsels, and encourages; who cherishes me like Christ does the Church. And I love him back. I love him with my whole heart; he's my best friend, my right arm, my go-to guy, my knight in shining armor.  I am so very happy with him, and really, in every aspect of our relationship. I'm fulfilled and content. Complete. And it's a wonderful wonderful blessing from God alone.

But I know, that while my situation may not be that rare amongst my Christian friends, it is rare in the rest of the world. It's rare to have a happy committed relationship with your spouse. It's rare not to have any ongoing feuds or problem areas. It's rare not to argue and yell at each other. It's rare to have what I have. What we have.

But the truth is, it's easy to take it for granted.

Really? Is it?

But yes, yes it is. You get used to being this happy, this safe, this loved. And just think it's normal. But it's not.

It's not normal in this sinful world. And it's definitely not what sinful old Kathryn deserves.

But I have it. And oh boy, I have it in such a good and marvelous way, it makes me weep to think of taking it for granted. It cuts me down to my very core to think I have not daily thanked God for my spouse and our marriage. And to not have told my husband EVERY SINGLE DAY how much I love him and how wonderful he is.

So there you go. I'm taking on the challenge. And I urge you to pick it up too. Whether your relationship is in an upward spin or a downward spiral, whether it is just beginning, or hasn't yet begun, we all need challenges like this one.

Choose to build up your relationships. Choose kind words instead of negative ones. Choose to guard your tongue among others.  Choose to let your loves ones know how thankful you are.

Choose. Choose. Choose. Pray. Pray. Pray.

With faith in Christ, nothing will be impossible for you.


Sgt Zapple said...

Oh Kathryn, that was beautiful! I am a little teary eyed at how I take my husband for granted too. I have struggled with kind words this week and you helped me find some just now. Thank you for the post.

Tettelestai said...

your right, it's rare across the board and it's great that you have that.

even if women don't 'feel' like they have a great guy, chances are that emotion is self centered. my hubby and i are VERY similar in personality, so... when i don't get my way immediately, i of course blame him and assume he's the problem. but it's not, it's me. i do have a wonderful guy and when i am reminded that i do, i need to tell him!! it does nothing to think highly of him if the thought never leaves my mouth ;-) great reminder!!

sorry you are solo again right now... wish i was closer, i would bring you a latte and have my kids distract your kids ;-)

Rachael said...

This is a good reminder...to not take our husbands for granted and to make sure we remember to tell our husbands how much we love them and are thankful for them. I read an article the other day about a elderly man, who's wife had died a few years back, who wished he had letters from his wife that expressed her love for him. They both knew they loved each other but didn't always express it in words. I think it might be good for husbands and wives to write each other love notes too so they see their words in writing. I'm sure your husband will see this blog post and really appreciate it.

LeAnna said...

SUCH a good reminder! I too take my sweet man for granted. It just shouldn't be that way, but it's oh-so easy to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm enjoying yours!

The Eskestrands said...

ooo - love this! i think i'm going to challenge my Bible study ladies to do this for the month of Aug!


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