Monday, June 13, 2011

Judge me, if you must

I was doing a little car cleaning in prep for our upcoming trip.

I always keep my car clean, (cause I can’t stand a disaster) so this was just one of those quick tidy-up, empty the trash, dump out the crumbs, kind of car cleaning.

But after making 8 trips from the car to the kitchen with my hands full…

I discovered that this was more than a little problem. And required more than just a little car cleaning too.

I’m guessing that we eat a few too many snacks on the go. And that I give into the “Mom, can I bring a toy with me?” request a little too often.


Because somehow one toy attracts another… and another and another. And then those others toys invite their friends and Al-a-ca-ZAM!! One toy so very quickly leads to a few hundred.

Or at least it felt that way while unloading today.


And the rocks, you ask? How did those get in the car?

Well, let me tell you: I HAVE. NO. IDEA.

What I do know, is that boys love rocks, and I love boys, and so I’m sure I’ve been given a few hundred rocks as precious gifts from my boys. If I had girls, I’d probably receive flowers or stickers, as a token of appreciation. But boys, yep, boys love rocks. And really? So does their mom. So I keep them.

I guess that makes the rock pile in the car my fault.


Oh well. What can I say?

Judge me if you must.

But love me, if you will. It happens to be the best of us.


Rachael said...

My son brings me bugs, so I'd say rocks are better than bugs :) Although he does bring me flowers (aka weeds) sometimes too. It warms my heart. So cute!

Dolly said...

looks very, very familiar.

Sgt Zapple said...

I am sorry if my boys rubbed off on yours because they have rock "collections" and take it very seriously. Be grateful you didn't find them later in the dryer. They sound awful.

Grace said...

We have rocks in the back of our car as well. Cora loves them but does not give them as gifts...they are often used as something to throw at the cat. My car I call the trash heap and my sister with four calls hers the dumpster on wheels...if that makes you feel better.


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