Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a few favorites... in no particular order

During our road trip we toured several museums, including a Train Depot in Independence, KS on this May day. However, more interesting to the boys than the train museum was this cool school bus in the parking lot. They made friends with the bus driver and got to climb aboard as well. Haha. :)

Swimming in Nana and Papa's pool! We went swimming every afternoon on our trip-- and we all LOVED it. One of the best ways to cool off in that incredible Arizona heat.

We visited the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City on our road trip in May. Behind Nick is $40 million dollars... I don't know, Nick, with three hungry little boys to deplete our savings, this may be the closest you'll ever get...

"Hold me, please, Mommy!!!!!"

"Say, what??" I just love those flared nostrils! :)

"I'm not too sure about this thing that keeps snapping and flashing in my face (camera), but I sure love the gal who's holding me!!"

Noah started smiling at 5 weeks--- his grins started out small and careful like this one, but now he's smiling enormous grins that spread across his entire face! I just love this phase where they learn new "tricks" every day! So cute!

Isaiah and Joshua shared a bed almost every night on our road trip in May. Some nights it led to a bit of goofiness, but most nights they snuggled right up and fell asleep.

What can I say? We start them young around here!! Noah is having his first exposure to John Calvin's Institutes at 6 weeks old

"Mom, we're "cold"' (meaning, "we have our shirts off")

Nick graduated with his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering on May 15th and to celebrate his last final exam, the boys and I met him at the door with homemade "Happy Graduation" signs. I had asked Isaiah what he wanted to write dad, and after giving him a few tips (like "way to go" or "Happy Graduation"), Isaiah chose to write, "Happy Shoulder Rides, Dad!!" (which is the first thing they ask for from Daddy when he comes home in the evening)

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Grandma said...

My favorite photo is the one of Isaiah and Joshua sleeping, oblivious to the camera, and snuggled together with their gigis :) Sweet dreams, little fellows.


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