Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things I like about Missouri

We've been here less than a week, and I'm already accumulating a list of things I love about this place!

1) Gasoline costs $2.27 a gallon

2) It is so humid I may never need moisturizer again

3) The plant life is GREEN-- The hills are ALIVE-- no brown, tan, or yellow grass! The trees, the grass, the plants, the weeds, everything is so lush and green. Its stunning.

4) Milk costs $1.61 a gallon

5) We're together as a family again!! This is of course the best part. Starting out, setting out, together again, a family again... its so wonderful to be on this journey with the people I love the most. Nick and I are thriving under pressure and bonding in a incredible way. I'm so thankful for my husband! He is my true companion and the best traveling/PCSing partner a gal could ask for.

6) Our rental house has a huge kitchen-- lots of counter and cabinet space!

7) We have cable for the first time (I'm trying not to seem too excited about this, lest Nick cancel the service, but the thought of being able to watch the Food Network or HGTV on whim is quite exciting!!)

8) There are soldiers everywhere, and soldiers make me feel patriotic and proud to be an American-- God bless the USA!!

9) Air conditioning is standard in homes. Yes!!


Rachael said...

Glad your getting settled and that all has gone well so far! Welcome to our humidity...nothing like it, huh. I always had to laugh when people in WA would say "it's humid" - they had no idea! Thank goodness we have air conditioning or we'd melt :)

Melissa said...

Glad to hear you made it and finally have housing!
It's kind of funny to hear someone say they like the humidity - usually I hear, "Ugh! It's soo humid!!" But, not having to use moisturizers is nice. :)
You're only 8.5 hours away now, maybe sometime it will work out to get together. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys! I miss you and hope to visit soon!


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