Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing the piano with Mom

I just plugged my camera into the computer (now that it's unpacked up and running) and found a whole bunch of pictures, I just had to share. I love playing the piano. Especially my beautiful new piano. I love to touch the keys and play from the depths of my soul. It is stress relief, and pleasure all tied into one.
My boys like playing the piano too. I really can't blame them, but I do sometimes feel selfish about sharing the ivories. Can a girl have 10 minutes to herself?? It seems that its not until I start playing that the boys remember that they like playing the piano, and well... thats the way it goes... now I envision a family orchestra... or maybe just a few piano duets. :)

(yes, the couch cushions are all on the floor behind me. I was definitely in need of stress relief)

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