Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot. Hot. Hot.

For the past two weeks, its been over 100 degrees almost every single day. I know the summer time is filled with complaints about the weather, “its so hot”, or “its not hot enough” or whatever. So I won’t sit here and complain about it. The weather is the weather, and God ordains it all, so take it to the Lord if you’ve got a problem.


Haha. Its probably good for me to preface this post with the above reality check. God is sovereign. And sovereignly determined that our AC would go out during those weeks of intense heat.


At first we thought it was just that the AC couldn’t keep up with the hot temperatures outside. I mean, its hard to keep a big house cool when its 109 or 105 or 102 outside. Not to mention when you have frequent visitors and the house doors are being opened and closed all day long.


Then I thought I was just pregnant. I mean, when you are pregnant you are just hot. It’s hot. Everything is hot. Your body is working 20% harder than any average person, and your thermostat is 20% higher too. (true fact). So when the house just seemed hot, I passed it off as pregnancy woes, and tried to grin and bear it.


Nick was the dutiful husband and replaced the air filters, checked for air duct leaks, and even crawled under the house to check the AC units. Our landlord was unfazed by our plight, and reminded us of how hot its been and told us not to worry.


So we did our best. And truly, we were getting a long rather well, keeping the fans running, eating cool meals, and even plugging the crockpot in in the garage instead of the kitchen. We started doing almost all the cooking on the grill and enjoyed lots of cold and refreshing beverages, salads, and sandwiches for dinners. Some of the recipes I tried these past weeks were… oh man, incredible. Grilled pizza with spinach and feta. Mediterranean BBQ chicken salad. Chicken salad sandwiches with sun dried tomatoes and crumbled bacon. Yep, some good stuff.


But then this last weekend, after having a houseful of guests Sat and Sun, we couldn’t get the house to get below 88 degrees. Monday morning when we woke up, it must have been pushing 90 degrees. In. The. House. So the AC repair man came out, fixed us up, and within the course of 2 hours, our house had dropped 14 degrees. And boy oh boy, does 76 degrees without humidity feel amazing. Oh my word, it feels so good.


I hadn’t realized how much the heat had been weighing me down. But it was just exhausting to live in a hot house. And the heat inside brought on all these lovely pregnancy symptoms like swollen ankles and fingers, that wasn’t too cool. I did keep drinking and keep exercising though, and pulled through. And now, in our cool air conditioned house, not a swollen ankle or finger in sight. No sweating just walking around this place. No avoiding coffee because even running the coffee maker in the house made it too hot. And energy!!! Wow!! I have so much more energy. I feel so good and industrious and uplifted. God is good.


We’re really thankful for these modern conveniences. God is so good, and we have a new appreciation for air conditioning to say the least. I also have a new appreciation for this enormous wading pool in the back yard. It takes about 2 hours to blow up… okay so it just feels that when you’re standing out in 100+ degree weather blowing your lungs out because you loaned your air pump to someone months ago. It really only took about 20 minutes… with both Nick and I blowing. Haha.

After blowing it up, I told the boys I was going to get in the pool too. Josh about started crying, “There will be NO room left if you sit in there!!!”

Yes. I guess I’m that big already. 30 week pregnancy pictures to come. I think.

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thebrennanbuzz said...

Oh Kathryn I can't even imagine what you were going through! We have been so blessed with cooler weather. It hasn't reached above 75F here but I still find myself complaining about the house being to warm. lol!
Thank you for this post...pregnant gal to pregnant gal...
I'm so glad you were able to get your AC fixed and I cannot wait to see your 30 week picture!! Love you bunches!


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