Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Boy: Joshua edition

My three year old turned four back in February. And his terribly busy, terribly nauseated mother hasn’t sat down to blog in months, but thought I should still post these pictures and memories to capture that beautiful day.

February in the South is always gorgeous. It’s almost the most beautiful month of the year (March & April are close behind).

Joshua’s birthday and birthday party were on beautiful God-given gorgeous days. My friend Becky and I had collaborated and planned the party together—since we both had children turning four years old that week. My son Joshua and her daughter Annika turned four within 3 days of each other. So we did a double birthday party with all and only four year olds as guests.

It was great fun.

We called it a Painting Party and let the kids use their artistry and creativity without concern for messes or time constraints. They had independent painting time and we also had the kids brake into teams and take turns painting a joint picture using their imagination to create a story. The kids were each given instructions like “Paint something blue and long” “Paint something orange and round”  and they each came up with their own ideas. As you know, four year olds have quite the imagination—it was a delight to watch their creative juices flowing.



The four year olds (we know eight of them!!) followed the painting with some good hearty eating, carrots, apples and cookie cutter peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. A big hit with the kids.


Perhaps the bigger hit was the rainbow cake made by Annika’s mom, Becky. It was simply gorgeous.


Our little four year olds blew out the candles perfectly. And check out the faces of the four year olds behind them… all with mouths ready to pitch in and blow too. Haha. So cute.


The cake was truly beautiful, inside and out. HUGE hit among the kids.


Boy do I love my little four year old.



** Fun four year old remembrances of Joshua. He is learning to read after having grasped letters and their sounds this past year. He loves doing his reading book with Mom, and often is a step ahead of me when I’m explaining a concept. So proud of this kid! Joshua has basically done kindergarten this past year, so I’m not sure what I will do with him come the Fall. He’s very smart and keeps up well in school with Isaiah. Joshua loves his lullaby bear and his ragged white blanket. Joshua bravely stopped sucking his thumb (on his own accord!!) several months before he turned 4, though I still sometimes hear him smacking in the middle of the night. Old habits die hard. Joshua has memorized more Scripture and catechism this year than I can say, perhaps my favorite recitation he has just learned is a Robert Louis Stevenson poem called “The Wind.” He says it with such fervency and feeling, it is remarkable for a young one. Joshua delights all with his tender heart, his contagious smile and his consideration of others. He has a way of winning everyone’s heart just by being himself--- oh boy I’m in trouble when the girls start noticing!!

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