Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soccer Mom

I didn’t mean for this post to be about me and my journey into soccer-momhood... but I couldn’t resist the title. Despite how everyone makes fun of soccer moms and minivans and bumper stickers and cheering like it’s the World Series… I think there is a part of me that hoped for this moment all my life.

And now, it’s official. My oldest son is on a Upward Soccer team this year (and I’m a soccer mom!!!!!!!!!!!! But back to my dear son…)

Isaiah is absolutely delighted to play soccer. He has always enjoyed kicking the ball around and is exceptionally fast. He’s also a very social kid, who loves playing with others.


When he’s playing soccer, I can’t chase that smile off his face. When he’s in uniform, he’s just beaming. Happy, carefree, and proud. You can tell he feels joy being part of a team and having this experience.

His soccer league is a Christian organization and they pray before each game, and have a short devotion during half time. Isaiah is very attentive to both the devotions and his coach, and sets a good example for his team mates. Way to go, Isaiah!



And even when it’s been pouring rain and windy; even when being on a team means attending practice and games at late and early hours… Isaiah never hesitates or complains about going to soccer.


He loves it. And I love it too. I’m so proud of my dear Isaiah.


thebrennanbuzz said...

That is so so cool Kathryn! I'm going to say is in the Rayes blood. lol! I love you guys. Give Isaiah a big hug and high five for me :)

Jessica said...

Oh that brings back memories! My oldest LOVED soccer when he was that age. What wonderful memories I have of those days.

Lindsey said...

we just started soccer over here! isn't it FUN?!!!


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