Friday, April 17, 2009

Road trip

During the time Nick was home, we took a wonderful road trip to Arizona in order to be there for Uncle Ben's wedding. It was a 16 hour day in the car, but it really was a wonderful trip. We got up early in the morning, and as you can see, we got the boys right out of bed and right into the car (no pausing at home to get them dressed or feed them breakfast), the sad part is that despite it still be dark out when we left the boys were much too excited to go back to sleep...
Isaiah's "aqua doodle" a birthday gift when he turned 2, was the perfect thing for the road trip. Isaiah spent a lot of his time doodling in the book, and saying "Uh oh Mommy I dropped the 'aqua noodle'" (no, that is not a type-o, he calls his aqua doodle an aqua noodle).

Nick did most of the driving. This worked out well for us all. Nick is an excellent driver and doesn't get pulled over twice in one roadtrip (more on this to follow) Nick is able to stay awake at the wheel and doesn't require expensive starbucks drinks to keep him motivated. And best of all, because he's driving he stays awake (whereas if he was a passenger he'd be asleep in a few minutes) and we were able to spend countless hours talking, laughing, planning and enjoying each others company. Who would have thought that so many hours in the car would have been such a blessing? We really enjoyed all the conversations (amidst picking up aqua noodle pens, and feeding the boys rice cakes). I love you Nick!

Isaiah stayed wide awake for most of the trip, but Josh was content to suck his thumb and doze off and on.

So as I alluded to previously, I did only a small amount of the driving in our 36 hour road trip. Maybe less than 25% of the driving. However, the cops were out to get me. No joke! I got pulled over twice within 4 days! Both times I was GOING THE SPEEDLIMIT on CRUISE CONTROL!! The first time, I saw the cop and touched the brakes out of habit, I knew I wasn't speeding because I'd been on cruise control. But none the less I saw the cop pull out of his hide out and come up behind me. I merged to the right, to let him pass... but then he merged to the right lane as well and sat behind me for a moment or two. I said, "Nick I think he's going to pull me over!!! I WASN'T SPEEDING!!!" Sure enough he put on his lights and pulled me over because the tint was too dark on our front windows!! Can you believe it! This cop had way too much time on his hands! He couldn't ticket me for it, but gave me a warning/repair order to get the tint removed. Ach!! Needless to say, even though I hadn't done anything wrong, this was quite nerve wracking and embarrassing!!
Then on the way home from Arizona, we took a more scenic route and drove through the mountain highway back home. This time a cop was driving towards me (on a 2 lane highway). I was on cruise control and again not speeding. But as soon as I saw him come towards me, I panicked. Well, my panic was validated as soon as I looked in my rearview mirror to see him pull a U-Turn in the middle of the highway in order to catch up and get behind me. I was like, "Nick, I don't believe it, I'm going to get pulled over again" He pulled me over. I can't believe it. This time it was because we didn't have a front plate on the car (apparently it is required in CO, but they can't fine or ticket you if you don't have one. While we were waiting in the car for him to review the license, insurance registration etc, I counted several cars coming towards me without front plates either) and was concerned that the car was stolen. Sigh. If there was any doubt about the car being stolen when he first ran my plates, it was quickly alleviated when he saw/heard the boys crying in the back seat (they had woken up from their naps) the piles of toys, snacks, books and garbage, along with the road maps and the CD case. "No, the car is not stolen!!!"
A funny side note to this, is that Nick is just too good, and doesn't do the best job withholding evidence. When the officer asked for the insurance card, at first we couldn't find it in the little packet where we keep the insurance and registration. Nick said outloud, "I don't know where it is, it was here the last time we got pulled over..." with his voice slowly petering out at the end. Yes, he basically told the officer we'd been pulled over recently (as though this happens all the time!!!)


Jack said...

I laughed...what a good story. Yay for NIck! And I'm pleased to see that you're holding up the family in keeping Starbucks in business during this economic downturn...

Melissa said...

Sorry, but you being pulled over twice for silly things is just funny. :)

Kayla saw the picture of Nick driving and she goes "Daddy, daddy, daddy." So I told her, "No, that's not Daddy. That's Mommy's cousin." And she goes "ooohhh." She's learning what cousins are with having them around now, so it was kind of an "oh" that said "wow, Mommy has cousins too?! Cool!" It was cute, so I had to share. :)


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