Thursday, March 5, 2009

That wind blown look

Every year, the change of season from winter to spring is marked by warm, sunny days, offset with severe winds. Such was this day at the park; too beautiful, sunny, and warm to stay indoors, but then too bitingly windy to truly enjoy it outdoors. The boys were real troopers though, and seemed quite glad to get outside and enjoy the park. The park is a short walk from our house, so its good all around-- mom gets the exercise of pushing the double stroller, and hauling the boys around the play equipment, and the boys get to ride swings and slides to their hearts content. It seemed like the perfect photo op as well, if you like "that wind blown look" of course. :)


Grandma said...

I love the photos and even your wind blown looks. I am looking forward to the warmer days of spring around here. It is wonderful to be able to be outside and enjoy the feel of sunshine on your face, and wind in your hair. They are blessings from above.

Jack said...

Josh looks like his face is getting re-arranged by the wind...and not liking it very much. That made me laugh. Thanks for the pictures Sister!!


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