Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A good mechanic is hard to find... but I found one!!

We're planning a road trip to visit Grandpa and Grandma over the holidays, so I figured I better bring the car in to get checked out, tuned up, and make sure its road worthy so we don't end up having a white Christmas at a motel somewhere between our house and theirs. Instead of bringing the car to the dealership like we usually do, I opted to bring the car to a friend from our church. I brought the car in this morning, and within just a few hours, I'd received a call back, saying the car was good to go!!

Not only did my car get tuned up within just a few hours, but I also had a straight forward discussion with the mechanic on the status of my vehicle. However, what I appreciated most was being able to trust him to do only the repairs that were necessary and to be charged a reasonable amount for the work that was done. I was so pleased!

I don't know the last time that I brought my car in (even for just an oil change) that I didn't feel like I was being convinced that I needed to have "life and death" repairs done that later turned out to be unnecessary, or was charged $29.95 for the hinge to be oiled on the gas tank cover. I know that fixing cars is their livelihood too, but I often feel like many mechanics are more out to make a buck than to provide honest work. What a delight and answer to prayer to find someone who loves to work on cars, and cares about the people he does business with.

For those of you who know me, I'm happy to give a referral!

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Rachael said...

I totally know how you feel. Growing up I always had my dad...he's a mechanic and could fix anything. I remember bringing my car in for an oil change the first time and I didn't trust them at all. It's always nice to find a trusty mechanic!


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